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Renterҳ Insurance Tips!

Don’t let maternity leave ruin your credit score and ability to finance the many things growing families need. In the U.S. credit scores are the primary yardstick lenders use to qualify applicants for mortgages, car loans, and credit cards. Many couples in the family formation life-stage need credit to finance their first home, the new mommy minivan, new baby furniture, and many other items. But the U.S. lacks paid maternity leave, leaving two income families in a pinch, and setting them up for a life-time of financial struggle.

Most likely. They will ask you to provide them with information about any current or previous employers, and will probably send the most recent some forms to fill out. You can let your present or past employers know that you are applying for disability and that they might be contacted by Social Security for information about you.

Does this mean you should feel secure? Ask yourself this question: “Am I spending most of what I make every week, or am I banking 45% of what I earn?” If you are like most people you are spending most of what you earn, and you have very little set aside in savings. It is estimated that 60% of American households are living check to check. If you are not banking 45% of what you earn, think about this. If you become disabled, you will be slapped with a 45% pay cut.

You have to look at your financial situation as a whole. Do you have a financial plan for retirement? Do you have an emergency fund to cover several months of expenses in case you are temporarily out of work? Do you have products for elderly living alone if you lose the ability to earn a living? These are the kinds of questions you have to ask yourself when looking to purchase a home. You must look at your finances as a whole and see where a home purchase fits in your life at the moment.

Maybe. If the claims specialist feels more information about your condition is needed, they might request an evaluation from another doctor. This doctor does not actually work for Social Security, though. It will be an independent evaluation, so the doctor will be objective. Social Security will pay for this evaluation.

That depends on whether you qualify for SSDI or SSI. To find out what you might be eligible for, contact your local Social Security office and request a statement. Can I apply if I am still employed?

Buying short term disability insurance before getting pregnant is the best way to create maternity income, keep your credit score high, and ensure future access to credit when needed, at affordable rates.

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